Christmas Party 2013

This is the day that is most anticipated by children during the entire year, the day during which they'll receive gifts and have a good time at the Christmas celebration event. Everything is possible thanks to the different people that support us and help during the gift collection.

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Grocery Distribution

Elderly people represent an important part of the population that's most in need, not only of material possessions but also of our company and affection. This is the case of most of the elderly that were chosen to receive groceries.

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Gift/Clothing Collection

During the entire year, many people help the foundation by collecting various types of donations which will then be distributed at the Christmas event.

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Part of the plan to find people that want to join this cause is to organize different types of events during the year to bring people together and share information about the foundation. This breakfast was one of those events. Thank you to everyone who participated.

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Halloween Party

This Halloween themed party allowed us to raise funds for the month of October of 2013.

This was a perfect occassion to come together with friends and family and to get to know the other people that help this foundation and that were willing to make a positive action towards those who needed it the most.

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Christmas Party

This event has been one of the most remembered by the children in general, because this has been the only year in which we were able to give away bicycles. Even though the children receive toys and new clothing for gifts every year, this time around they were fascinated with brand-new bikes.

The event is always made to bring together the children that are participating. Fun activities are always planned to bring joy and fun to children. Many games, raffles and a delicious Christmas cake always ensure a good time.

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