About Us

Who are we?

Since 2000, even without formally being registered as an organization, we have annually conducted an end-of-the-year activity, which consists of taking gifts, toys and clothing for some children of a municipality in the department of Tolima (Colombia). We organize a recreational activity to share moments of fun and joy, and each year the event gradually increases the number of disadvantaged children we include. In various occassions we distribute groceries for elderly people that are affected economically and are in poverty as well.

This has been a personal effort between us and a few close friends and family, who have joined this noble cause with the passage of time.

The growing state of poverty present in this population, affects children and the elderly, which is why we have started the initiative to create this organization to begin work on specific projects that help improve the living situation of these people and provide permanent solutions for improving their quality of life.


Our main objective is to transform the current conditions and to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable population (Young children and the elderly) that find themselves in conditions of poverty, and positively impacting their families and their communities either directly or indirectly.


Distribute educational materials as well as nutritional assistance to the youth in order to guarantee favorable development and education. Additionally, provide assistance with basic needs such as clothing, food and medicine/medical equipment to the elderly and the handicap.